Just Out Of The Interfaith Physiatric Ward

I Went To The Interfaith Physiatric Ward July, 26th 2013 Because I Felt Deep Down I Would Hurt Someone Else Or My Self . I Was Released On Aug 13th 2013 Back To The Bedford Atlantic Mens Shelter ..

If These People Know That This Situation Gets Me So Depressed And Hard To Deal With Why The Hell They Keep Sending Me Back There…

Ever Since I Been Back At This Shelter I Already Tried To Kill My Self Twice Or Hurt Someone Else….

Sometimes I Feel Like These People Want Me To Actually Do Something….

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At The Canarsie Pier

As Of July, 16th 2013 I Left The Shelter System To Live On The Streets Instead.

The Reason Be Is This.

I Am Currently Taking Medication For Depression, Anxiety And Schizophrenia And Being In This Shelter Is Breaking Me Down , Just Last Month I Tried To Take My Own Life And Decided To Go To The Inpatient Program ( Psyche Ward ) Do To The Stress Associated With This Particular Shelter. Between Everyone Getting High And Fighting All Day Long And Witnessing Several Stabbings And Beatings With Locks And Soap Inside Socks ..I Became Sacred For My Life And Just Wanted To End It All….

Since Being At The Pier For The Last Week …It’s Been Not So Bad..Just Hard To Sleep At Times ..But It’s Better Then Living In Fear Day In And Day Out At The Bedford-Atlantic Shelter

Bedford-Atlantic Shelter

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Hello World

I Am Currently In The Bedford and Atlantic Assessment shelter.

Bedford-Atlantic Mens Shelter

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